Entry level freelance writing jobs do not exist

Freelance writing is a great career path for those who have the discipline and skills required to work from home.

It brings with it multiple benefits including:

  • The freedom to work from home (or a picnic table or a cafĂ© or a library)
  • The flexibility to change your working hours as needed or to take an extended break during the day to help with friends or family
  • The ability to pick whatever jobs are most appealing to you and match your skills and expertise
  • The ability to earn what you need or want when you need it

With all of these benefits it is no wonder the concept of freelance writing is so appealing. But being a freelance writer is not as easy as it might seem and getting a good start can be very challenging.

Just like finding a job in an office getting your first job is an important milestone that gives you exposure online and a foundation from which to build your portfolio and profile.

For some people it can take years to get the first job that really jump starts your career working online. You may face rejection dozens of times before you are finally hired. If you are considering starting as a freelance writer it is important to note that entry level freelance writing jobs do not exist. Why not? Because entry level work is outsourced in modern times. The reason a company or individual is hiring a freelance writer is for their creativity and their skill set. Rudimentary jobs do not require either.

So if you want to any chance of success as a freelance writer it is imperative that you are well acquainted with your particular set of skills and that you can sell them to others… literally and figuratively.

For every job you want online you have to bid in some fashion or another. You have to show that you are highly qualified for it and that out of all the other freelance writers online you have something unique to offer. This uniqueness might be experience writing on that topic. It might be a fast turnaround time for a client on a tight schedule. It might be a cheaper price than a higher end competitor at the same high quality. Whatever it is you need to be able to market it and market it well.