Looking For Great Freelance Sports Writing Opportunities

If you want to start a freelance career in writing, no matter what topics you’re writing about, you need to have a good place to start. Writing on sports or anything else requires some research, ability to find clients, dedication to deadlines, and self-motivation. When looking for opportunities to write for pay on the internet, you should keep a few things in mind:

  • If you’re going through a membership site such as elance or odesk, there are terms in place to protect you as well as the client, but finding freelance gigs for just anyone will probably require a contract for both of you to sign regarding payment, timelines, and expectations

  • Think about the magazines and websites you like to read about sports—what kind of articles do they publish or post, are you familiar with expectations and what can you say to add value to their regular readers

How to start a freelance writing career in sports

Starting any new career can be daunting, and comes with a steep learning curve. There are benefits and negative parts of any job, just like freelance writing. As you research more about doing this for a living and realize how much work you have to do, only those truly serious about getting started will stick around. If you’re one of those who is serious about making money with your writing, then read on.

Writing for clients can be tough. You’re only paid for each assignment you do, and sometimes there aren’t many pieces to go around, or you just aren’t looking in the right places. Even the most successful freelancers can go through dry spells between paychecks, so you should be prepared for that. Relying on an income that’s spread out between projects isn’t the life for everyone.

Another thing you should know about freelance writing is that it’s a lot of fun. You hear those stories about people working from home in their pajamas? Well, that is true for many freelance writers. If you want to stay at home, if you have young kids to look after, of if you want to travel a lot, you can do all that while still finding work. Looking for decent paying projects can be a little tricky at first, but once you have a good portfolio and experience as a freelance writer, you can get higher paying gigs.