Freelance Writing Tips: How To Work From Home Efficiently

Making the decision to work from home can be a rewarding and relaxing experience for some writers. While some people prefer to leave work somewhere else, others like the flexibility to live their lives in between working and being around family, pets and a more relaxed atmosphere. If working from home is more your style, consider these tips to make it the most efficient possible for you.

  • Tip One – Communicate what you are doing to the family
  • One of the most distracting occurrences when you are working is when someone comes up and disrupts your train of thought before you have a chance to capture an idea. If your family can not tell if you are sitting at the computer working or if you are writing then interruptions will happen. Let your family know that you are working and prefer not to be disturbed to avoid this issue.

  • Tip Two – Set aside time for work and maintain a schedule
  • While keeping a set schedule may be counterintuitive to the whole point of working from home, if the other people in your household know roughly when you are working they are less likely to interrupt you. Set a schedule and do your best to keep it.

  • Tip Three – Set goals for your writing
  • Keeping goals and milestones are one way to ensure you do not slack off for your writing. When you start working from home you may see that your progress has slowed. To avoid this, set a plan and goals to keep your writing output on track. These goals could be the number of words per day or a daily monetary goal to keep your own budget.

  • Tip Four – Rewards and breaks
  • Just because you are working from home does not mean you have to work continuously. When you have met your goals take a break or give yourself a reward. These little incentives will keep you excited about your work and it will be more efficient because you will not have to force your writing.

Working from home is very rewarding if you can stay focused and on track. If you find yourself struggling, try these tips to keep your work more efficient and avoid interruptions so that writing from home as a freelancer will work for you. Once you have implemented these tips into your daily routine you will soon find your work will be more efficient.