Tips for fresh graduates - how to start as a freelance writer

So you've recently graduated from college and are looking either for a fall or a part-time career. One thing which has grabbed your attention is the world of freelance writing. You've either heard about it or gone online and seen the huge range of writing tasks which are available for skilled and interested writers. This can be really convenient because you are able to be employed, albeit perhaps on a part-time basis to start with, but working at your own speed and from your own home. This is an ideal situation for many fresh graduates.

But how do you make a start?

Here are some practical steps for you to take. They are written by someone who has made the journey you hope to make. Hopefully they will help you to avoid the pitfalls and get you started on your working life as a freelance writer as quickly as possible.

  • Build up your portfolio of writing examples
  • Visit a number of websites which operate for freelance writers
  • Be prepared to accept a lower payment in the first place
  • Be prepared to boost your skills and qualifications

Now you might believe that because you have not begun work as a freelance writer, you don't have any work to show potential employers. This is not the case. You will have written essays during your time in college and high school and the best of these can be a part of your portfolio. In addition to that, you can create some articles and even a small e-book or two so as to bolster the examples of writing you have in your portfolio. Don't start with nothing.

There are many companies which operate in the world of freelance writing. They work with both employers and employees. They have the employers list the jobs and enable the employees to read the jobs and make application. The way the company makes money is mainly by charging a commission or percentage of the fee paid to the successful freelance writer. Your job is to take your time and look through as many of these freelance writer websites as possible.

It is a highly competitive world and for someone who is starting out it may be better for you to reduce your fee in order to get your foot on the first rung of the ladder.

You could always improve your skills and qualifications and many of the websites which work with freelance writers offer you the opportunity to do just that.