Being a Full-Time Freelance Writer: Pros and Cons

Do you have a passion for writing? Do you want to make a career as a full-time writer? Many people imagine themselves sitting in the office all day long, having a set of tasks, and being a part of a project team. However, some of them hate traffic jams, talkative colleagues, and want to set their own working schedule. The latter often choose a full-time freelance writer career that, without a doubt, has its pros and cons.

The Pros of Being a Full-time Freelance Writer

  1. You are responsible for your timetable, deadlines and an amount of work you do: You decide when and for how long you write and set the schedule. The flexibility is a great advantage of being a freelancer.

  2. You create a work environment you like: You are the boss, so you can design the type of a home office you like, wear the clothing you feel comfortable in, and have a glass of vine if you want to.

  3. You decide how much you earn: You choose the amount of income that you want to receive. Freelancers can get hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, but they can decide whether they work hard, or take a break and travel the world.

  4. The variety of projects is very wide, therefore you can work on different topics during the day. You will not get bored writing about the same stuff for months. You can easily get history writing jobs or sports projects. It's up to you to choose.

The Cons of Being a Full-time Freelance Writer

  1. You have to look for clients and negotiate with them: Freelance writers are on their own, no one helps them to deal with a knotty problem, such as unreliable clients and unclear work tasks. It is necessary to be able to generate leads and get payments for the projects done.

  2. Freelancers work alone with minimal social interaction: If you are a communicable person, you will feel uncomfortable because of lack of personal contacts.

  3. You do not have a regular cash flow: Freelancers have to handle irregular income flow. You will not get your paycheck at the turn of the month, therefore you need to manage the finances wisely.

  4. There is a variety of projects: A vast choice of tasks is fine when you are a time-management guru. Freelancers manage changing requirements and hundreds of emails every day, and they are responsible for the final product. One day, you may find out that multi-tasking is not something you like doing on a daily basis.