How To Become A Well-Paid Freelance Copywriter: Enhancing Your Skills

Working from home is becoming easier with the increasing ubiquity of the internet. So many people are looking for something different, avoiding the daily crush of the commute to an office. Freelance writing work is one such opportunity; you’ve got the basics down. How do you get noticed so that you can get the decent contract? The best-paid jobs are available for writers who show they have the required skill set. While everyone writes well when they are discussing their passion, you need good clean copy on every subject.

A few ways to create the best work.

  1. Special Person – write as if you were writing for one reader only. Get into a conversation with that person. If you write as you speak then, the ideas will fall out onto the screen, and your readers will believe you are having a conversation with them.
  2. Perfect Headlines – practice writing headlines until you make them powerful enough, so they jump out of the page. Use social networking as practice at getting the most meaning out of the fewest words.
  3. First paragraph – keep it short and interesting. Use it as an introduction, pulling the reader into the main body of the article.
  4. Use bullets – from the early days of the internet, list posts have been the most successful.
  5. One Subject – write on one subject only. In this, it is unlike a conversation with one person, as a chat tends to wander over many subjects. Set a goal that the copy you write must achieve. The post should be a compelling call to action, but still sound authentic.
  6. Small jobs first – take the small jobs first as you build up a copywriting portfolio.
  7. KISS – no, I’m not suggesting offering intimate favors as a way of getting jobs. K.I.S.S. means it short and simple. Use the fewest words possible to say what you need to say.

There are websites online with downloadable lessons with tips on honing your writing abilities. You can buy books on marketing your abilities. Courses to take and blogs to read, they make a great way of procrastinating. In the end, it is about getting the words on the screen and getting it out. Practice is still the best way to learn the skills you need for the decent wage yo know you deserve from copywriting.