What Is Freelance Writing – A Manual For Beginners

A freelance writer is an independent content producer working on contractual or project basis. It also means that you do not go to the office of your client. This can be used as a way to complement your income or as the main way to make a living. You will be required to produce content of different varieties depending on your clients.

Where to find freelance writing jobs

Freelance writing sites are popping up on daily basis. Some have been in existence for years while others are establishing now. Not all websites labeled as freelance writing sites are genuine or offer reliable supply of work. There are several ways of knowing if a site is genuine.

  • Referral- if you have a friend freelancing as a writer, ask him or her to refer you to a reliable site. Most credible writing sites have referral or affiliate programs where new writers are introduced. The advantage of such an approach is that you will have an idea of what to expect from the site in terms of type of work and payment method.
  • Read reviews- the internet has reviews on different writing platforms. These reviews can be used to determine whether a site is reliable or not. The details to look for in a review include availability of work throughout the year, consistency in making payments and the methods used.
  • Start cautiously- with new writing sites coming up on daily basis, it is sometimes difficult to find reviews or referrals. The next best option is to work cautiously. Do not take a lot of work at the beginning. Study their commitment to pay and the rates. Within a short time you will have identified whether a site is genuine or not.

How to become a great freelance writer

Like any other profession, there are incredible rewards for excellent writers. To achieve this level you will be required to do a few things.

  1. Identify a niche- with so many writing genres it is important to identify a category like press releases, copy writing, blog posting, etc and specialize.
  2. Meet client expectations- clients expect you to deliver the best quality work and in good time. They also expect you to know the subject you are dealing with.
  3. Read widely- reading helps you to learn the newest tricks in freelance writing. It sharpens the existing skills and makes you a better and more reliable writer.