Writing Articles Online: Instructions For Freelance Writers

If you just started out as an online freelance writer, have it at the back of your mind that you have a lot of hurdles that you need to cross. A lot of people don’t believe that one can make good money writing articles or blog posts. In fact, they are ready to laugh in your face when you tell them you want to quit your full-time job because there are more opportunities in being a freelancer. Don’t let this discourage you and make you cut your writing career short. Although the money might not start coming right after you start, it will surely start coming once you are able to establish yourself in the content writing world.

So, if you are struggling as a freelance writer, this article is for you. It is geared towards minimizing the stress you are passing through as a beginner freelancer. The first area to work on is your perception. Forget what they say, writing articles online is a very lucrative venture. All you need to do is maintain open mind and you will see yourself making good money within a short while. With this area taken care of, let’s proceed to the next which is establishing a presence. A lot of people have been able to effectively promote themselves by maintaining a blog.

Owning a blog as a freelance writer serves as a hub that connects you and your prospective clients. Based on this, your blog should contain quality content with your services page properly written and edited. A professional photo is also a must on your blog. Another guideline you will find helpful in this career is making successful pitches. You stand higher chances of getting a writing job or project if your pitch is carefully and professionally crafted. Attach well-written and great samples to this and you are sure of getting high quality projects and referrals.

Finally on making the most of writing articles online, you should be able to offer complete packages to your clients. This is how a lot of freelance writers have been able to climb up the ladder in the writing world. Apart from writing articles and blog posts, if you are able to offer other complementary services like social media marketing, knowledge of WP platforms and SEO skills, you will see a lot of quality jobs coming your way. Add all these to organizational skills like keeping to deadlines and prompt response to emails, you are sure to make sustainable income as an online freelance writer.