Online writing jobs for beginners what field to choose

If you decide to start a job as a freelance writer, you will need to plan everything first. Even if it seems like an easy way to get extra money or even support yourself for living, it is not actually that simple. There are too many possibilities to write online, you will need to develop some requirements to the job you are about to have to select the best and most profitable company. One of the broadest criteria will be selecting the area of your writing.

Why is it important to choose the suitable field to write in?

At first you may even seem surprised you need to choose anything. You would say, it’s all writing, what can be difficult in any type? However, this kind of point of view is not correct. Each type of freelance writing there is has its specifications and demands special skills. If you want to show you are a good writer and make a positive impression about yourself from the first minutes with the company, you need to show you are a professional in this field and have what it takes to work in the field they offer. Moreover, writing in an area that is close to you will speed up the process and let you earn more money in shorter time.

What fields are there and what is the difference?

  • Magazine and newspaper writing. This is the closest type to real writing – it is basically the same that writing articles for periodicals that actually get printed – the main difference is that your work will be published online. Journalism skills will be required from you. You need to find new information and know how and when to present it to your readers.
  • Blogging. This area is close to the previous one. You will write articles that will be published online and have hundreds and even thousands of readers. The main difference is that you won’t necessarily have to present something that is new or happened recently. Blogs can be pretty specific; you will need to write about a certain area, for example, sports, tourism or science.
  • Academic writing. This is the area with the smallest target audience. You will be required to write academic papers for students, who either don’t have time or don’t want to write them themselves. You will need to be familiar with citation styles, academic writing style and means to find academically credible information.