Practical Tips On How To Land A Profitable Freelance Travel Writing Job Online

Making money as a freelance writer is easy. All you have to is to hone your writing skills through practice, deliver your write-ups on time and keep your blogs, articles and other pieces original. However, landing your first independent writing job can be challenging, considering the fact that the market is extremely competitive and that there are many excellent writers trying to get projects just like you. Travel writing is one less explored niche which you can tap into to increase your earnings. How to land a job that can ensure fat paychecks for you at the end of every month? Here are some tips.

  • Visit online marketplaces regularly
  • Freelancing marketplaces are just like real-life marketplaces. Here, you are the trader and your trade cry is your samples and the proposals you write for convincing your prospective clients. Place your bids on as many projects as you can and always try to keep the quoted price at a competitive level to win the first job. Once you get your first writing gig, give your best and request the client for leaving feedback for you once the project comes to a close.

  • Be ready to travel
  • Travel writing, as the name implies, requires a lot of travel. There are many writers who think they can just collect the information from the web and write the blogs, but it’s not true. To become a successful travel writer, you need to go to places, take photos and maintain your travel diary. True travel writing is based on real life experiences which cannot be achieved until and unless you step outside. Do not try to write blogs by collecting information from the web.

  • Work on your grammar
  • Like every other writing job, travel writing also demands perfect spelling and grammar. If you can write well and in perfect English, your credibility as a freelance writer would automatically go up. This will help you in grabbing more projects down the line. Always avoid plagiarism. If possible, use an online grammar checker and also a plagiarism checker for writing correctly.

  • Practise writing
  • If you are a habitual traveller, grow the habit of taking your electronic notepad with you. Document the things that attract you most, share your experiences in your blog and post your photos on social media sites. This will build your identity as a travel writer. Use this experience for getting projects in the future.