Online Writing Jobs for College Students: A Simple Way to Get Extra Money

Today, you can hardly find college students who do not want to earn extra money. If they major in journalism, marketing, creative writing, or languages; they can start making money by writing texts for traditional and online businesses. Their professors can help them learn about current job offers and career opportunities. It is also a good idea to ask peers or simply search online.

  • Writing for a School Newspaper

  • College administrations often pay much attention to student newspapers and radios. Students are paid to write about new school policies, student sportsmen achievements, and local community events. They also write about career opportunities students have, the challenges they might face in university, or interesting places to visit during the summer vacation. Many students also take pictures of sports competitions, school proms, Halloween parties, science experiments, etc. They gain significant experience and learn new things, improve their communication and writing skills, meet many new people, and get extra money. Students can work purely online and write school blogs that are part of a newspaper.

  • Managing a Blog

  • When you work as a school newspaper writer, you prepare posts about your school and its students. However, writing a campus blog will be more fun, and some information can be useful and help you study more effectively. Campus blog topics often include the following: working while in college, writing essays and research papers, following useful tips and tricks to study better, looking for a well-paid job, etc. If you want to show your creativity, write a personal blog that covers the topics you consider interesting and useful to your peers. Learn how you can make a profit from your blog by means of social media, and start your career as a freelance writer.

  • Preparing Different Reviews

  • Magazines, newspapers, and online companies employ students who prepare different reviews that are interesting to the target audience. Such jobs often allow students to read great books without purchasing them, as their employers send these to them for free to look through and prepare reviews. A similar type of a job is writing movie or video game reviews. You get a new movie, watch it, describe your impressions, and write comments for the audience. Many students search for jobs writing video games reviews. It is great to play a new game for free, and get some money for writing a comprehensive report about its strong points.