Searching For Freelance Opportunities In Food Writing

If you love to write and you love food then freelance food writing can be the right career choice for you. It will allow you to do the things you love and get paid for it. There are many bloggers and freelance writers who make decent amount by writing about the things they eat. But eating and writing are not the same thing. Anyone with a mouth can eat but not everyone with fingers can write about it. The first thing you will need is a distinct taste about gourmet and an effective writing style.

Being a food critic comes with its own sets of perks. Free food at five star destinations is one. Then getting VIP treatment and also money for the endeavor is another. But becoming a successful freelance food writer does not come easy. There are a few hurdles and hard work that you have to do in order to gain reputation and credibility as a writer. Here are a few steps that will help you cross the barrier.

Steps to become successful freelance food writer:

  • Start with blogging about local restaurants and food joints. In the beginning no one will be willing to pay you for your reviews neither should you expect them to. Start your own blog where you can dissect the local platter. Once this blog gets recognition you can expect more opportunities.
  • Look for already established blogs and websites that deal in food related reviews. You can send them a few samples of your work or links go to pages where you have published your reviews. These will be a good start for your career and try to write according to their styles. Most of these websites hire freelance writers and if your blog has some recognition you can expect a decent amount for your writings..
  • Go to social networking sites and publish your reviews. You may not get any money for it but it will gain you recognition. Once you have some reputation as a critic you can expect good offers from restaurants who wish to have their food reviews and published in your pages.
  • You can also earn money from advertisement. You can contact some of the leading agencies who publish their adverts on food blogs. It has to be relevant to your page. For instance you can get the advertisement of a local nightclub which also boasts of a restaurant and snack bar.