Freelance Writer Websites: How To Choose One That Is Right For You

Becoming a freelance writer is a fairly easy process. Now, the internet has so many sites available to you for the sole purpose of writing freelance that you have some real options. Once you pick a site and pass their screening process or test you are officially a freelance writer. It is really that easy. The only tricky part is, with so many websites dedicated to this purpose how do you know what site will be right for you? Start by asking yourself some simple questions.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you hate bidding for jobs and hoping yours is the lowest?
  • Do you like being able to pick what you work on or don’t work on?
  • Do you like to have a lot of options for how you find jobs?

If you hate bidding for jobs

If bidding on a job only to be paid less than you should have because you had to put the lowest price to be chosen or don’t like the competition of bidding than you may not want a bidding site. You may want to try some of the few sites that have a first come first serve attitude towards awarding jobs. These sits allow you to take or decline any job but if you are the first to click on it, it is yours. They often give you a list of jobs matching your skills to choose from.

If you like to choose for yourself

There are sites with tons of jobs, for not only freelance writers, but some even have translation, data entry and more. These sites allow you to scroll through thousands of jobs and pick the one that you want. This almost always means bidding on the job. That is the price for so many choices.

If you like to have options

If this is the case for you than you may want to join several different sites and use them all for the good they have to offer you. A lot of writers use multiple sites so that they can bid on jobs but then also have work in the mean time while the clients decide if they want you. This works very well.

Finding the right site for you is really just a matter of knowing what you like and don’t like. If you know what you want from a site and how you prefer to work than you should be able to choose just fine. Just be aware of how each site works.