Freelance Writer - How to Choose the Best Website to Work for

So you are a freelance writer and you are looking for work. Well I have got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that there is plenty of work available, so much so that you will have difficulty keeping up with all the new jobs online. The bad news is there are plenty of freelance writers looking for jobs meaning you have lots of competition. But if you are serious about finding work then there's only one thing to do. You need to find the best website to work for. Mind you, you might want to think about working for more than one website if you are really keen to find those writing jobs.

What are your strengths?

You need to be absolutely certain about the type of freelance writing you are really good at. If there are some things you are not good at, do not undertake writing jobs in that field. Not only will you not get a good critique of your work, you may not get paid because your work is inferior and worse, you may get a reputation as an unreliable writer. Don't let your enthusiasm run away with you. Stick to what you can do well.

So write down the topics or genres you are very good at writing. With that list in front of you, go online and start looking at the various freelance writing websites. You need to find websites which advertise jobs for which you are suitably qualified.

But just because a website has jobs that you know you can write about, that doesn't mean it's necessarily the best website for you. For instance, if you are not prepared to make a bid at a very low level, you may find that there are writers out there who do make bids at a very low level. Remember that people can join a freelance writing website from any country in the world and that means from any economy in the world. You may think that a certain amount is the minimum amount you should be paid but that minimum amount may not apply in some countries.

So you need to look for freelance writing websites which offer jobs which you think are prepared to pay a reasonable flee.

You also need to consider such things as training and referrals. If the freelance writing website offers in-house training programs which enable you to gain credits and qualifications, that could be particularly good for you if you are a newbie or certainly someone without an impressive track record. By joining that particular website you will be able to improve your skills. And likewise with referrals. If the website has a system whereby employers are able to give the writer a score and write a brief review, that too could be helpful if you are looking for a larger profile in the freelance writing world.

What works for one freelance writer will not necessarily work for another. By considering all the freelance writing websites, you give yourself the best chance of finding the best website for you.