Advice For Freelance Writers: How To Become A Professional

  1. Commit to the timeline
  2. Always deliver your work on time. Do not have delays in the tasks, as that will make your client doubtful. The world is full of freelance writers, if you want to have an edge over the others, then you must have timely deliveries or even before the decided date. This helps you win client confidence and they are more likely to assign you further jobs and continue working with you due to your professionalism. If you think you cannot submit a task in the time mentioned by the client then you need to tell them before assigning the job. You should include the cost and timings in your proposal or quote so that they know what they should expect from you. It is better to decide in advance then to look for excuses later

  3. Build your portfolio
  4. If you are in the beginning of your career and do not have enough on plate to show to potential clients, then you need to work on your portfolio. Being a writer is comparatively easier because if no one else is ready to give you a job, you can do it for yourself. You can start a blog, write on a well-known platform, and create eBooks and guest post with other bloggers. This will help you improve your skills as well as build a great portfolio. Sometimes it can so happen that the client finds the exact match of his requirements in your portfolio samples. People do not rely on freelancers that do not have experience or work to exhibit

  5. Charge reasonable prices
  6. This depends upon your profile and your location both. If you are in the start of your career, then you need to charge lower as compared to other popular freelance writers. If you have a well-established reputation and a number of happy clients then you can ask for higher prices based on your experience and skills. You might also want to consider the local competitors and the rates they offer to the clients for similar assignments

  7. Have a proper work plan
  8. You need to keep every minor detail in mind including response, schedule, quality, expertise and the cost. Decide the milestones early on and deliver each on the decided date. Do not bother them by asking for payments all the time but remember to receive your deserved payment