Applying for Writing Jobs Online: Rules to Follow

Getting a freelance writing job is not as difficult as it may seem to strangers. However, self-presentation is extremely important in this process. Follow the rules below to receive the writing job of your dream.

  • Write an excellent CV. As writing is the skill you are going to sell, be sure to show your style and proficiency in your resume while keeping it concise and businesslike.

  • Prepare your writing samples. They are required by a considerable number of clients as the best means to assess the quality of your work. Write your samples on different topics as you do not know exactly what your prospective employer might need.

  • Look for reliable employers. Ignore job offers by companies that have no website, that promise a pay much lower or much higher than average, or look in any other way suspicious. Remember that online job boards are sometimes used by scammers to collect names and email addresses. Use caution and common sense to decide whether to reply to this ad or not.

  • Create a list of jobs that interest you. Put down important details and contact information for each one. You will use this list later to send and customize your responses.

  • Check for any specific guidelines on how to apply for this job. Follow them strictly. Provide all the information required, including your personal data and samples of your writing. If you ignore the client’s application rules, they may think that you are either unprofessional or not really interested in this job.

  • Customize your emails. Do not simply change names of recipients but highlight the details of your job experiences that you consider the most relevant to the needs of this company.

  • Use application forms on the client’s website instead of email if required. Fill all the mandatory fields.

  • Double-check your grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It probably goes without saying, but a writer’s application should be completely free of mistakes, even minor ones. Otherwise, employers might feel concerned about how much they would have to pay other people to correct all errors in your texts.

  • Follow up with employers whom you have applied to. If you receive no response within 7-10 days, feel free to email them again and ask about your application. It will show your interest in getting the job and high motivation for work.

  • Send as many applications as you can. Not all of those whom you contact would reply, for different reasons. The more companies you reach out for, the more chances to get a job.