Searching for the Best Online Writing Jobs

If you are interested in writing from the comfort of your home, you may start out as a freelance writer. There are umpteen number of freelance writing options online in various companies and cloud sourcing sites. Your area of interest may help you in deciding on a writing gig based on technical, imaginative or business inclinations as per your best niche. To begin with online writing, you must first identify your niche, publish some articles online, network and build relationships.

The various options available for beginners in freelance writing are:

  • SEO content writing, which is done through collecting information from search engines like Google and using the idea of the content to drive traffic to the site.
  • Blogging jobs are provided by companies or clients who require writers to market and update their blog regularly in order to create a buzz around their service/ products.
  • Product reviews demand the writers to provide clear descriptions of the company products. Though the job is technical in nature, it calls for creativity in choosing the right words.
  • Resume writers are required to design and create the resumes of high income business workers looking for job change. The writer needs to be adept in business language and career counseling.
  • Reviewers for entertainment sites, product sites, services, etc., are required to present their genuine views on the product/ service and functions exercised through critical and analytical thinking.

Some freelance writing jobs for professionals:

  • Academic writing for scientific journals, universities and magazines. This job needs a strong academic background and expertise.
  • Article writing, which is suitable for non-fiction writers, who need to provide short and engaging content on certain themes and topics.
  • Business writers to write for commercial business magazines and newspapers.
  • Columnists write for newspapers, newsletters and magazines.
  • E book writers to develop content for online courses.
  • Grant writers to write applications for acquiring grants from government and private firms.
  • Journalists to report and write news.
  • Novelists to write an enticing content by developing a strong storyline
  • Play writers/ Poets/ Songwriters/ Speech writers/ Story writers/ Dialogue writers, etc., are a few writing jobs available in the creative genre.

Therefore, you are entitled to choose any field of writing based on where your interest lies and which writing option gives you the most creative satisfaction by utilizing your talent in the writing domain.