How to Find Good Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners

Freelancing is pretty great- it allows you to set your own hours, be directly responsible for your success, and allows much more freedom in all areas than a traditional career. For those talented with writing and English, it seems like a great thing to go freelance in. After all, it matches their skill set, and it is often something that you love to do. However, when just starting out, finding freelance jobs can seem difficult, even daunting. There is a lot of information out there, and a lot of it is confusing or conflicting. However, do not worry. There are certain tips and strategies that can help a beginner who is looking to land their first job.

  • The first thing, and this is something that many writers overlook, is that having a sample of your writing is very important. Employers want some assurance that what their employees write is of quality, so having some of your diction and writing to show them is very vital to success. Short pieces will do, and they can be about anything, but just make sure that they are proofread and professional looking. When trying to decide on a topic, remember to think about what your employers are looking for. If they want SEO content, learn to write SEO and show them that. If they want narratives or news, consider showing them your blog. This is a bunch of different ways that success can be found.

  • After that, the next step is to submit your resume and writing samples to employers. Remember, these people are looking for people that are talented, can work hard, and submit work on time. So in your presentation, make sure that you are professional and submit good proposals. There are many markets for freelance writes- some are straight online, and there is a variety of freelance sites that you should be able to find. Sometimes publications such as magazines or fiction anthologies are looking for content. There are companies that look to outsource work to freelance writers. Contact everyone you can, show you can write well, and be punctual and professional.

  • The big thing to remember here is persistence. You may be rejected a lot, but this is by no means the time to give up- keep trying, and remember that you can get many rejections before you get a yes. When you get your first jobs, you will start to learn the ropes and how exactly things work, so you will increase your experience and ability to get higher and higher paying jobs.