The Process Of Hiring Online Freelance Writers

Companies have innumerable requirements for writers and have many reasons to fulfil their vast job requirements in current situation, whether it is regarding writing content for websites, long projects, blog content etc. In such circumstances it is evident, that they find it difficult to hire good writers for the job as it requires investment of their time and money to find a fitting candidate for the job.

Some important things to consider for hiring freelance writers

  • Check previous writing experience
  • Most candidates have experience in writing for business. There are also job markets for fresh graduates from colleges. In all criteria’s a sample of previous work must be the guiding force for selection of candidates for the job requirement and this requires checking the validation of the work written by the candidate seeking employment.

  • Sample quality
  • After ensuring that the sample is written by the candidate, the sample should be evaluated on the basis of writing style, use of proper grammar and punctuation. It is also advisable to check if the content is plagiarized from other sources.

  • Previous works published
  • Some sites have a higher standard of writing than the rest. An article written for Huffington Post has more value than the writing presented in the personal blog.

  • Schedule of work
  • Some projects may require immediate submissions, so the availability of candidate for writing urgent projects must be confirmed

  • Evaluation of professional background
  • Freelancers background must match up to online writing standards and the job requirements of the employer. Weightage can be given to training acquired by candidates in online writing and other qualifications in similar areas.

  • No time delays in replying to mails
  • Some job details require urgent submission. In such cases, the candidate must be accessible to the employer and willing to edit or write projects before the deadline. Failure to do so, defeats the purpose to his/ her selection.

  • Knowledge and interest level
  • Before hiring employers must assess the interest level of the candidate in the subject matter and related experience in the field of job requirement as it would ensure better performance in writing.

  • Research skills
  • Not all information can be known by the candidate for writing the projects. So the ability of the candidate to perform extensive research on the topic and write with relevance to the topic requirements is very essential for hiring process

  • Performance monitoring in trial period
  • The candidate should be assessed by the employer based on his/ her performance in a certain initial trial period, to decide whether to assign them regular work on paid projects. If they provide error free relevant information on the topic, you can hire them confidently for future engagements.