Freelance article writing jobs: are there any pitfalls?

Freelance article writing jobs can be a great way to earn income and improve writing skills. While this can be a great opportunity to gain recognition for your contribution, some writers find themselves experiencing pitfalls that can be avoided. Even some the best article writing jobs may not be advertised or some writers lack resources to help them get connected to quality writing gigs. There are pitfalls writers should be aware of so they can plan wisely to achieve freelance writing success they deserve. The following points provide insight on pitfalls and how they can be avoided.

  • You May Not Find Enough Work to Keep You Busy
  • Some writers may run into a problem of not being able to keep busy with assignments. You can explore different genres to write about and be creative with your content. Learn about content in demand and plan accordingly to create samples you can use to help you get other jobs.

  • Some Writers Underestimate their Value
  • You may be working on projects where you undervalue your work. This may lead to being miserable and tired while cramming in multiple projects in a short amount of time. You can research writing rates and evaluate your work and experience. Review thoughts and concerns with follow freelance writers to learn whether you should consider increasing your rates and brushing up on your skills.

  • Failing to Plan Ahead
  • If you have a plan in place this will help you stay busy. You can plan when to write articles, research and create enquires for other jobs. This helps you be effective with your time, be flexible and practice good time management skills. You should have a few sources to help you manage your work schedule such as freelance writing blogs and groups with other writers.

  • Freelance Writing is a Business!
  • One important pitfall many writers fall into is not looking at their writing as a business. Freelance writing can be lucrative opportunity depending on what you make of it. Having the right mindset will set you up for success. You will be more aware of what you are doing and how to meet the needs of your client. Your business may include different forms of writing with article writing being significant. Know which genres you specialize in and how to get in touch with clients regarding article writing needs.