What You Should Know to Become a Freelance Advertising Writer

If you want to become a freelance advertising writer then you need to know where to set up a profile and how to get the jobs that best suit your skills. There are a number of freelance websites which lets one create an account which they can use to apply for jobs and become excellent writers. These sites have become very profitable as many companies focus on outsourcing rather than employing people. Once you register for these websites, your profile will be created in the background. Clients will be able to see your profile before they award you the job. Many of these websites don’t charge people money though there is a limit to the number of jobs you can apply.

  1. You can make money by posting articles to directories and make money by sharing revenues depending on the number of visitors who visit your articles. Most of these websites make money through Google Adwords. It is still not an easy task as you need to write high quality articles. In fact, some marketing websites will decline to post your article if it fails to meet their standards. There are other websites that act as a market place for articles. You will write an article and send it to them. Then, they will put a description to the article where people can buy the article. You will also determine the price which the article will be sold at and then you can share the revenues with the company. All these methods require a lot of hard work and perseverance.

  2. There are two main methods which the freelance websites offer their services. There are some that offer hourly jobs while others offer fixed jobs. Others offer both types. Many clients prefer to use fixed jobs as they are relatively cheap to them than hourly jobs. If its on a hourly basis, you will be required to negotiate favorable terms of working. There is a software that can be used to ensure that an hourly job is performed well. Once you are done with the task, you are supposed to send the timesheet so that the client can release the payment. On the other hand, fixed jobs are protected by Escrow where the client will pay the money which you can’t access. Once he is satisfied, he will release the funds.