Finding Freelance Help for Writing Essays

When you need more time, more energy, and basically a clone of yourself to do the sheer amount of work you have to do to make it through the semester, consider a freelancer.

We’ve all had those semesters when everything that can go wrong will go wrong . . . when you begin to feel that the minute you walk out the door a safe will fall on your head (smile). Don’t despair. With the right freelance help, you might just be able to put one or two courses aside, materials taken care of -- freeing you to focus on the courses that are more important to you, educationally and career-wise.

I fully advocate getting help from freelancers for electives or courses that you have to take that are either beneath your intellectual abilities or not necessary to your future major or educational interests. I do not advocate getting people to do your work for you in subjects that you will need to become more versed and practiced in for later courses.

If you’ve gotten yourself into a spot where even if you worked day and night for a week, you’d still be far behind, consider finding one or more freelancers to help with homework and essays. However, keep in mind, how will you pass your test if you don’t do the homework? Keep all this in mind. This is one reason teachers have begun placing more importance on their finals—they figure students are getting more help online. If your classes are online, however, things open up a bit more (I’ll leave that to you to ponder).

There are all kinds of “hire a freelancer” sites on the web. You might want to search for freelance writers who specialize in the particular subject you’re needing help in You’ll see freelancers from all types of backgrounds, majors, with possibly a masters or PhD in in this field. I would select a freelancer for whom this subject matter will not be from their scholastic memory of it. You’ll also want them to adapt to your tone if you’ve already handed in work in your own voice. I would consider asking a math-whiz for math-y subjects, someone who has taken subjects such as you are not too far in the past that they’d have to study again on it.

Don’t be cheap. You’ll get all kinds of people offering to do the work cheap—but pick the ones that charge a little more. These are the real pros whose work is worth the pay—and who will take the time to write your essay well, or do your homework well. Tell them you want an A+ and work with them on the price. See, freelancers, if they’re not getting paid well, will feel like they’re missing out on better paying opportunities by spending too much time on your work—so pay them for the time it will take to finish your assignment and do it very well. That way, they won’t rush through the job to move onto a better paying gig.

Today, many people are seeking help from freelancers when they don’t need a tutor, they just need time.