How To Find Trusted Websites Offering Freelance Writing Jobs

As a new freelancer in the market, it’s easy to be deceived by many dishonest proposals. You are willing to accept any employment in the begging, rushing to start your career. This can happen, unfortunately, to experienced freelancers also because people know how to take advantage of the privacy offered by the internet. There are some tricks you can apply to find out what jobs are real and which ones will bring you trouble. You have to pay attention every time you accept a new project, no matter how trustworthy the client seems.

  • Use only well-known platforms. There are several websites that are facilitating the contact between a client and a writer. The most popular have years of activity, and they have exquisite security systems. The website will check the credentials of a potential customer, his previous offers and his method of payment. This can bring you extra safety when you accept a project.
  • Use a safe system for payment. On serious freelancing websites, there are automatic payment systems that will take the amount right when you accept the job. When you deliver the content, the client has to release the payment. Otherwise, you can file a dispute on the website, it will be verified by the security team and if you fulfilled your duties, the money would be released. In this way, you don’t risk to be left without payment, and the client is sure that he will not pay for services that he will not receive.
  • Don’t accept anonymous request. Any serious client provides his name or the name of the company he is representing. When somebody refuses to provide these details, it is better to check his activity before accepting any work.
  • Check the client. When in doubt, look at a history of his jobs. Freelancers have the option to leave a feedback on the public profile of the client. If there are many writers who are not satisfied or unhappy with their employer, it is a clear sign of alarm.
  • Save all the conversation with your client. When something goes wrong, you can always start a legal action against him if it’s an important amount of money in the middle. However, without evidences of your activity you have very small chances of success. Any e-mail, message and payment need to be kept until you finish the project, just to make sure you are on the safe side.