Freelance Political Writing Jobs: Tips to Remember

Freelance writers are asked to write about anything and everything. In many cases, the freelancer knows very little about the topic and has to conduct research. Most freelancers are happy to write about nearly every topic, with the exception of three touchy subjects. One of topics that many freelancers avoid at all costs is politics. But, if you have been hired to complete a political writing job, these are a few tips to remember:

  1. You are a hired writer. Hired writers are not responsible for writing about whatever they want - unless they were hired to do that. So, you are life-long Democrat and you have been hired to write copy for a local Republican website, you have to set your loyalties aside and finish the job. If you do not do the job the way the client expected, you will not be a hired writer for long.

  2. Keep the secrets. Depending on what type of political freelance work you are doing, you might be given information that is meant to be kept secret. As a freelancer, your client will expect you to stay quiet about the information you write. You might be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to protect the client’s rights and power as a candidate.

  3. Be ready for action. You might be given the topics to write so you can work directly from your home or you might be hired to follow the candidate around throughout the day. No matter what job you have as a freelancer, you need to always be ready to create drama or cause commotion. As a political writer, you have no chance to be sleeping on the job, because there are several other writers who would be more than happy to take your place.

  4. Keep in the party. Learn the lingo of the party you are representing. Learn the lingo of the candidate you are writing about, too. Without a good working knowledge of the political lingo, your work will seem amateur and sub-par. Ask questions from the experts or do a little web search to get the answers you seek. By knowing the vocabulary for each party, you will have an easier time collecting the knowledge you need.

  5. Have fun and keep your blood pressure low. If you are finding that you just cannot write for the “enemy” anymore, then by all means stop writing. You might be able to find work writing for the other guy.