How to become a freelance writer: avoiding pitfalls

A career as a freelance writer has its challenges but you can make things easier for yourself. You want to have a successful career helping others get great written content. At the same time, you can be your worst enemy when you don’t take the time to plan your moves ahead of time. This will help you avoid common pitfalls of becoming a freelance writer. An important element of avoiding pitfalls is to learn what they are and knowing what to do to avoid them.

  • Putting off sending out enquiries and proposals. Some writers may put off sending enquires due to lack of time or even fear of being turned down. Writers should be aware of how important this aspect is if you want to obtain jobs. Plus, you won’t know what you need to improve on if you fear or purposely put off sending them out. Visit Thesis Helpers and leave all the worries behind!

  • Lack of negotiating skills. There are writers that feel they have to accept low paying jobs when this is not true. You can expand your clientele when you present your services and you are willing to make a deal. Some freelancers accept lower paying jobs when they are just getting started in their careers, but you should consider increasing your rates as your skills improve overtime.

  • Failing to use time wisely. There are freelancers that lack time management skills. They may wait until the last minute to get their projects started and panic when the deadline looms. Take your time completing assignments and get started on them as soon as you receive it. Create a plan that will help you work on your content while maintaining flexibility. Make a time record for the day to help you track your time and how long it takes for you to complete your work.

  • Becoming doubtful of personal abilities. Some writers experience this feeling when they are not getting enough work or earning the money they want. This is common but you need to be willing to work hard, be in control of your spending and be willing to learn and diversify your skills.

  • Being overworked or experiencing burn out. Few writers get so focused on doing jobs they forget to take time out for themselves. This can lead to lack of motivation, fatigue and illness. Some writers get depressed. Make sure you stick to a schedule that will help you take care of yourself. Take breaks for meals, a snack and even step away from the computer.