Writing A Solid Resume For A Freelance Writer: Basic Hints

It seems ironic that a freelance writer would need help with writing a resume, but it is a common issue. One of the biggest problems is in the quality of the resume. In essence, this resume is a sample of the writer's work. It must be well-written or the client will think that the writer lacks the skills necessary to do the job.

  • Focus on Ongoing Projects
  • One of main things that writers should focus on is their ongoing projects. These show a level of consistency in the writer's work history, and it shows that clients want to rehire the writer. In addition, it demonstrates the writer's personal niche topics. Someone who has extensive experience in writing about financial fields will find it much easier to locate similar projects if they include this work experience on their resume.

  • One-Off Projects Still Work
  • Often, writers will do one project for a client and be done. The client may not need more work, or they may have just needed extra help for a short period of time. Some of these projects can be listed on the writer's resume. In general, writer's will want to include the one-off projects that are the most impressive. Depending on the position that they are applying for, the writer may also want to include one-off projects that are relevant to the current position.

  • Work Experience Is a Positive
  • There are literally thousands of niche fields that a writer can work in. From legal writing to fashion articles, these fields want a writer who has actual work experience. Whenever the writer applies to these types of topics, they should include any of their relevant, non-writing experience as well. This will help to set the writer apart from the crowd and can give them a real edge in getting the job.

  • References
  • Like most jobs, writing positions require references or recommendations from past clients. To get these recommendations, writers should send their client a short note when the project is complete. In the note, they can ask if it is okay to list them as a reference. This is the polite way of letting the client know that they may be called or e-mailed in the future. It is also an excellent way to figure out which clients will actually give a good recommendation. If the client seems hesitant, then the writer should use a different client on their resume.