Freelance Writer Needed: What Are The Benefits Of Applying For The Job?

Many people find that working as a freelancer offers far more freedom than holding down a conventional 9 to 5 position. Given the recent advances in mobile technology, and the internet, it is possible to work for a client located pretty much anywhere in the world. And the opposite is true as well. You can work from virtually anywhere for a client in your own city, and then upload and deliver your work via email.

Advantages Of A Freelance Writing Job

  • Set Your Own Schedule
  • As a freelance writer, you can decide how much, how often, and when you work. If you are a night owl, stay up late getting your jobs done. Are you a morning person? You can rise with sun and get an early start. The only thing that really matters is that the quality of your work is high, and you never miss a deadline!

  • Set Your Own Rates Of Pay
  • You can decide how much you charge for the work you do. Most freelance writers will charge different rates for different types of work. Some prefer to bill their clients by the hour, some by the word, and some provide a quote per piece. If a lot of independent research or travel is involved, a freelancer may expect compensation for work-related expenses.

  • Choose The Clients And The Work You Want
  • You can't afford to be too picky, but you do have the right to decide who you work with. Some freelancers will sign contracts, others prefer to work one job at a time for a client. That way, if there is a problem, they can go their separate ways with very little hassle involved for either party.

  • Low Startup Costs And Expenses
  • You will be making a very small initial investment in your freelance career, should you decide to take that path. As all you really need is a computer, access to the internet, and some creative ideas. There are several freelance websites that provide free opportunities for clients to hook up with writers.

Two Ways To Get Started:

  1. Establish An Online/Internet Only Business
  2. Work for anyone, anywhere by setting up your own website. Or, if you prefer, use established freelance writing sites to get started. Often for a small monthly fee, these sites will allow you access to “upgraded” services. When a job is agreed upon, the money usually gets held in en escrow fund until the job is complete. Given the client does not dispute the quality of the finished product, the funds are automatically released to the freelancer.

  3. A Home-Based Business
  4. It is easy and very common for freelancers to work from home. You will save money as it is not necessary to rent office or retail space. You also do not need to commute to an office as with most professions. Many women with young children find success in freelance writing. It allows them to earn an income, and still be at home to take care of the children.