Writing Freelance Jobs: Getting Handle on Pros and Cons

Being a freelance writer has both good and bad sides.


  • You get to set your own schedule.
  • Bear in mind that there will be some deadlines to meet, and sometimes you will need to work extremely hard to get a same-day order completed. However, you will be the one to pick your assignments, so you will be able to arrange a schedule that will allow getting some free time when you need it for personal business.

  • You get to choose your clients.
  • There are some people that are just not compatible, and you can avoid them if you pick clients personally. This may be a difficult thing to do at first, because you will need to accept almost any job to build good reputation. With time, you will get a chance to be pickier.

  • You get to set your rates.
  • When you have a plan and know how much money you need to make, you can only choose the jobs that will provide you with sufficient income.

    You will need to do some calculations in order to know what your minimal rate can be and work from there.


  • This job can be unstable, especially in the beginning.
  • When you are just starting in the business, well-paying jobs will be hard to come by because of your lack of experience. Even when a freelance writer’s career goes up, there may be some “dry” periods.

    You will need to learn how to manage finances in a way that will get you through these hardships.

  • Your success directly depends on your motivation.
  • Some people are completely incapable of being their own boss. They lack the willpower to get themselves to work when they have a chance to lay back and relax. There are also those who are prone to procrastination. If you are one of them, this career path is not for you.

  • It’s difficult to set the boundaries for friends and family.
  • When you work at home, people tend to believe that you can drop whatever you are doing and spend some time with them. Should you claim being busy, they may get offended. This leads to personal conflicts and stress that affect the quality of your texts and income.

    It’s imperative that you set strict boundaries of your working hours and get your family to respect them. After this, it will be your task to design a schedule that will fit those hours.