Where To Find And How To Apply For Free Freelance Jobs

Paying to apply for a job is a confusing experience. Nothing quite makes one feel unnecessary to an organization like being made to pay for the privilege of applying. As a freelancer, paid opportunities abound but so do free ones. Here are some places you can look for freelance jobs.

  • Check the major freelancing sites
  • There are sites that are dedicated exclusively to linking freelancers and clients. The majority of them have free and paid options available. This means that you can start with the site for free and then pay for greater access or more options to apply for jobs. There are subtle differences between the major sites which may make any one of them more or less suited to your needs but they’re a good starting point.

  • Use search engines
  • It is safe to say that almost every work at home opportunity you find via a search engine will be a scam but by adjusting your search ever so slightly you can yield more useful results. If your skill is writing for instance, try a search such as “paid article writing” or “skilled writer needed”. This can weed out some of the more opportunistic clients who pay as little as possible for servicers and may even attempt to leave freelancers unpaid.

  • Check your local newspapers or online classifieds
  • Some companies actively search for freelancers using classified advertisements. Check these frequently and have a portfolio of work available that shows what you’re capable of. In the event that anyone requests a sample of your writing you should be able to send them a link immediately or attach your work to an email.

  • Send requests to popular sites that feature guest bloggers
  • For this to work it helps to have your own blog to refer potential clients to. Keep this blog updated frequently so that search engines rank it higher. This can allow it to help you get jobs even when your are actively doing something else. When you ask to guest blog, the company you make the request to can see your blog, get a feel for how popular it is and decide to hire you based on that alone.

The freelance writing industry is experiencing a huge boom that makes it possible to make a living off of what is usually an innate talent. Search well and you will end up with the better clients in the industry.