Emphasizing the keystones of finding a freelance writer

When looking for a freelance writer, there are aspects you need to look for. These are issues that the writer would want to know about your business and what you are doing.

  1. Questions
  2. Do they do research?
  3. Do they take criticism well?
  4. Communication
  5. Deadlines

These five points are important keystones that need to be emphasized when looking for writers.

  • Questions
  • A writer needs to know what you are doing, what a company‚Äôs brand is, and important information to help them write their work for you. If a writer does not ask questions, then chances are they will not cover what you are looking for properly. So look at what questions they ask, and if they do.

  • Do they research?
  • Looking at previous articles they wrote, look for the research they did. Did they do good research, minimal research, or write off the cuff? These are all important. As an example, I will look at an average of two articles for every one hundred words. Even if I know the subject, just to see if there is something I missed. Every writer has their way of doing this, and they should do effective research if they are going to write for you.

  • Criticism
  • No writer is going to get every article they wrote perfect. When something comes up, and they did not cover the issue right, they need to take constructive criticism well. It might be their grammar was off, word usage, or just not effective coverage. Whatever the issue is, they should be ready for the criticism and to correct the paper.

  • Communication
  • Writing is a form of communication. As such the writer needs to communicate well in their writing. Their articles need to be clear and precise so that the reader knows what is said. There is little difference here than with an essay, in that the words and language need to hold the reader.

  • Deadlines
  • With writers, deadlines are always important. Freelancers work for different companies and need to have their work in early. This is so if there are any mistakes done, they can be corrected before the deadline. Making the deadline with a finished piece is one of the most important issues with any writer.

  • Conclusion
  • Looking for all these keystones will help you find a good freelancer to help you with your writing. If they lack this, then your work will lack as well.