How To Find A Well-Paid Freelance Writing Job In 4 Steps

Many freelance writers give up because they lack regular income to sustain their desired lifestyle. However, there are incredible ways to make money freelancing. Others cannot understand or plan for the slow seasons and therefore abandon writing with bitterness. What have the successful freelance writers done?

  1. Own a Website
  2. It gives clients an opportunity to find you online. There are numerous blog platforms with incredible features that will advertise your work. Some of them are free of charge and allow you to customize the site to suit your desired style. You may also setup your own website instead of relying on blogs. It does not have to be a fancy and expensive site. The site should contain samples of your work and contact information. You may also include academic qualification and experience in writing. This will prompt a client to contact you.

  3. Apply Thoroughly
  4. Different websites and clients have unique schedules of work. Before you identify the right client or source, it might take several disappointments. Do not give up on applying. It happens that when one company has work available for writers, the other could be experiencing a slow season. With more than one source, you are guaranteed work throughout the year.

  5. Referrals
  6. You have a friend or relative who is doing well as a freelance writer? Go to the person and request a referral. In most cases, they will reveal the secret to meeting client expectations. They may also give you a few samples to start you off. Different writing companies have referral schemes that give numerous benefits to the writers. They are therefore willing to refer you on request because they also will benefit. Another source of referral is from a satisfied client. This means that you must produce quality work to get a referral. It comes with a guarantee of good pay since it is already tested.

  7. Repeat Business
  8. Ensure that you meet the demands of your current client to stand a chance of getting repeat business. The client will always return to you when they have more work. The best ways to get repeat business include

    • Quality work- this keeps a client at your desk and may also lead to referral when the client has no work to offer. Meet deadlines and produce original work.
    • Offer more services- while you could be a writer, your formatting and proofreading skills may be top notch. Offer these services to the client and you are guaranteed repeat business.