Freelance Blog Writers Say That Keeping A Blog Is A Vital Thing: Is That True?

There is no single opinion on whether a freelancer writer needs to keep a blog or not. Both sides have strong arguments, so the final decision is up to you.

Three Reasons That You Need a Blog

  • Your blog helps clients find your website.
  • All popular search engines rank websites with recent updates higher. If you have a blog, your website is much more likely to make it up to the first page. Moreover, the keywords you add to each entry can also help people find you.

  • Your blog demonstrates your expertise.
  • If you have strong background in any area beyond copywriting (e. g. in traveling on a budget or cooking healthy foods), your blog is a great way to show it. Write posts dedicated to your area of expertise. Show that not only you can write compellingly but you also know what you are writing about. Your blog posts can act as fresh samples of your writing. If people see you as an expert, you will stand out from the crowd of other freelancers and be able to command higher rates.

  • Your blog builds your social network.
  • With interesting blog entries, you can engage your visitors into a discussion and get to know them better. You can “meet” people you could hardly ever have crossed ways with otherwise. Some of them might become your regular customers, while others can share valuable experience.

…And Three Reasons That You Don’t

  • Your blog keeps you on a hook.
  • Once you start a blog, you will need to post new entries regularly. In fact, an abandoned writer’s blog is worse than no blog at all. There are few things more disappointing for your website visitors than a blog that has not been updated for half a year. If you are not sure you can produce at least one meaningful post a week, blogging may be not for you.

  • Your blog is not for fast results.
  • Do not expect your freelance commissions to boost once you start blogging. Neither would your phone become hot with new clients calling. Blogging is a lifelong commitment; years might pass before you see any tangible results.

  • Your blog should have your passion.
  • As experienced bloggers put it, “If you ask whether you should start a blog, the answer is no.” Blogging is good when you feel an urge to share something with the rest of the world. However, if you force yourself into blogging only because you think you should do it, the result may come out stiff, unappealing, and hence not worth the effort.