Freelance Writing Tips: Common Struggles Beginners Should Avoid

Getting your first freelance writing job can be exciting.  This is the first step on becoming a successful writer.  You have to make sure that you keep the client happy, then they will give you more work, and they can even recommend you for other jobs.  But most freelance writers do make some mistakes after landing their first job and this are the most common mistakes that freelance writers make.

Common Struggles Beginners Should Avoid

  • Freelance writing can be difficult sometimes because you want to do as much as you can to further your career but don’t take on too much work.  Taking on too many jobs can cause you to miss deadlines, produce subpar work, and won’t give you time for anything else.

  • If you are luck enough to get a great job writing and the pay is decent, then you quit looking for other jobs.  But you should still keep looking for different opportunities and have something to fall back on if other client doesn’t need you anymore.

  • You need to promote yourself, you should have your own professional site or blog where clients can see your work and you can show case your talent.

  • You don’t want to become an unreliable writer because you missed deadlines.  You don’t have a boss telling you to get your work done, so you need to make sure that you don’t miss any deadlines.  There are cases like your computer breaking down or getting sick that some clients will excuse but they won’t hire you again if you constantly miss deadlines.

  • Don’t underestimate your abilities, you shouldn’t be afraid to apply to a job that pays well because you don’t think you have enough experience.  Be confident in your writing and your ability to get the job done.

  • Freelance writers that don’t have a portfolio, don’t have samples to show clients, which leads to them not getting hired.  You have written some great stuff, now all you have to do it make a portfolio link on your site to showcase your talent.

  • Don’t take feedback personally, we are writers and we will be getting feedback on our work all the time.  It’s not to insult you but to help you improve your work.  If you don’t take that feedback and improve, then you will lose your job or others won’t hire you because you don’t take feedback well.