5 Golden Rules For Getting The Best Freelance Writing Jobs

To make money as a writer, freelance professionals have to find clients and get paid writing jobs. For new writers, it can take months or years to build a good client list. These five golden rules are designed to speed up the process and help writers find the best writing jobs.

Choosing a Market

There are hundreds of different writing specialties. From ghostwriting to essay editing services, writers will find a wealth of fields to work in. In general, writers should cater to just one or two of these niche areas. By focusing on a specific niche, the writer will be able to market their services better. As they gain experience in a specific niche, they will be able to command higher pay rates.

Learn to Write

Many people dream of escaping the rat race and working as a freelance professional. Unfortunately, only a fraction of these people can actually live this dream. To be a writer, individuals have to be able to write. They can achieve this goal by enrolling in college classes, taking a course online or attending a workshop.

Create a Portfolio

A client is investing their time and money into a writer. For a client to invest these resources, they have to be certain that the writer can deliver what they want. Writers can demonstrate their ability through a portfolio. This portfolio will contain examples of clients that the writer has worked with in the past and examples of their best work. New writers will not always have a portfolio. In these cases, the writer can create samples or work for free with a blog. There are also non-profit organizations that always need writers. By working with one of these organizations as an intern, the writer can gain the experience and the portfolio that they need to succeed.

Design a Website

A personal website is an extremely underrated marketing tool. With a website, the writer can reach out directly to potential clients. This website can serve as an online portfolio of what the writer is capable of. In addition, a website serves as an inexpensive marketing tool that allows writers to bypass traditional bidding sites.

Stick to the Deadline

If the writer plans on keeping a client, they will need to stick to the deadline. Clients only want writers who can deliver a product on schedule. Writers who consistently turn in projects late are viewed as unreliable and unprofessional. Over time, clients will be easily wooed away by other professional writers.