A Freelance Writer Resume: How to Find a Sample

The Web has lots of sample writer resumes, but not all of them deserve your attention. In order to find an excellent resume template, look beyond your search results.

  • Professional Social Networks

  • HR professionals recommend to use professional networks as a source of great resume samples. Job profiles in social networks follow the custom resume structure.

    Browse the network for the profiles of freelance writers. Study the ways in which they present their experiences and skills. In which order they list their previous projects? How do they summarize the job they did for each? Do they use humor or unusual layouts? Decide which of these ways might work for you.

    When in doubt which profile to use as your best reference, look at this writer’s number of contacts and the number of people who confirmed his or her skills. Freelance writers with the best developed net of business contacts are usually the most successful ones.

  • Other Social Networks

  • Another way to use social networks is to contact your freelance writer friends directly and ask them for examples of resumes they consider to be good and up-to-date. Make it clear that you are not hiring. Explain that you write your own resume and look for good examples. People are usually willing to share with their friends.

    If you do not have writer friends at the moment, you can easily make them. Look for writers with whom you have common friends. Like their posts, write a couple of positive comments, then send a friendship request.

  • Freelance Job Websites

  • To start your work as a freelance writer, you will need to register on one (or more) freelance job portals. Go there right away. Some of these websites have free samples of resumes for you to use. You can rest assured that these are good and relevant examples. A freelance portal is interested in you getting your first clients and earning as much as possible – this is how they collect their fees. However, note that many other writers may be using the same example as well. Add a spark of creativity to make yours stand out.

  • Professional Help

  • If you know someone who is a recruiter or hiring manager, simply ask them for the examples of resumes they like. In order not to violate the applicant’s privacy, they can omit any personal information before sending the resume to you.

    Alternatively, browse the Web for professional resume writing services. Some of them have free resume samples broken by industries. These examples are usually trustworthy as they are composed by experts.