Excelling in Finding a Well-Paid Academic Writing Job

If you love writing and are adept at research, there are many academic writing opportunities for you. You should consider looking at the following fields and markets to locate a well-paying academic writing job:

  • Free Lance Sites
  • If you want flexible hours and desire to work from your home, you may want to consider using a freelance online site. Most of the sites join clients with writers and then the writers bid on jobs. You will have to check the jobs several times a day, and may need to build up a body of work samples before you can work on a regular and full-time basis.

  • Research Based Companies
  • Many research-based companies have a large staff of writers on the payroll. A technology company would be a good example of this type of business. Colleges or universities also have research departments that will need writers to help present the findings in written form.

  • Stores and Retail Opportunities
  • Stores and retail venues need writers for handbooks, marketing, and procedures. This type of setting would do well for an experienced academic writer.

  • Publishing Companies and Textbook Companies
  • Publishing and textbook companies keep a large staff of academic writers. The opportunity for advancement is also very good at publishing and textbook companies. There are many different roles such as editing, research and writing, and marketing brochure writers.

  • Professional Paper Companies
  • When many people need a paper, rather than write it, they turn to a writing company for help. Some people simply cannot write. This type of company would be a good place to find academic writing opportunities.

  • Tourism and Vacation Companies
  • A tourist or vacation company will need writers in order to present their location, adventure, hotel, or cruise. These companies need valid research that can be properly presented in written form. You should consider this job as academic writing with a fun flair.

If you enjoy research and/or academic writing, then there are many places to find work. Some of these well-paid jobs will even let your work from home and let you select the projects that you want to write about. Use this guide when looking for employment in the field of academic writing. Also consider branches of the fields that are listed on this guide. Almost every single job in existence requires a writer at some point, and you just may be that writer.