Getting a Handle on Writing Industry - Finding Freelance Writing Jobs

It is true to refer to the writing business as an industry. With the growth of digital technology, the information superhighway and now the world of self-publishing taking on a whole new meaning, there is a huge demand for freelance writers. Just as business today has turned to Web marketing, this creates a huge demand for appropriate copy. Everything and everyone seems to be online and promoting, selling, discussing and informing others of this, that and everything. If ever there has been an industry in which demand for a skilled workforce is required, it is the freelance writing industry.

And this particular skilled workforce comes in a different guise. There are very few full-time positions in a company with a health plan, holidays and superannuation. The very nature of freelance writing is that the worker is an independent operator. In many if not most cases they work at home, using their own equipment and keeping their own hours. They have contracts with employers which can be as short as a few hours and certainly many are only for a few days or weeks. This is the nature of the beast. So if you wish to be involved in freelance writing work you really need to get a handle on what is now the writing industry.

There are two main characteristics

There is the world of freelance writing jobs and there is your position in that world. Let's start with the world of freelance writing jobs. There are simply so many it is difficult to actually count them. In some cases there is talk of thousands of new jobs being listed every day. That's every day. Now of course there are jobs and there are jobs. Some are challenging and interesting jobs and some are dead set boring. You need to be in a position where you know where to find the jobs and you know how to apply for them.

Then we come to the second main characteristic which is your position in the freelance writing world. Do you have a portfolio of material you have created? This is essential. With this portfolio and a profile on a website, your own and others, you can launch your career and your talents as a freelance writer. Seeing what others have done is an excellent way to set up your own situation. Look at the profiles of experienced freelance writers. Do they have a photograph? Do they have a portfolio? Do they have skills and expertise?

There certainly is a huge demand for freelance writers. The ones who are sensible, plan well and work hard are those which find the most amount of work.